Science Rocks!

👩‍🔬 International Day of Women + Girls in Science 👩‍🔬

Today we recognise the important contributions of female scientists all around the world, but especially in Australia’s resources & energy sector.

🧪 Not only does science play a key role in so many facets of our everyday lives, but it’s also an important part of the diversity of roles within the resources and energy sector.

The good news is there’s a range of science-related roles available now and into the future.

It’s why AMMA’s Bright Future STEM program is working to engage the next-gen of female scientists, showcasing amazing industry role models to inspire primary school students about the opportunities opened through STEM study.

In 2021, the program reached 3657 students in 36 schools across Australia, with help from leading companies and their talented industry role models, including: ThiessGOLD FIELDSAustralia – Anglo AmericanUGLEagle Drilling NQ Pty LtdMINJAR GOLD PTY LTDJemenaVentiaEasternwellNew Hope GroupQube & ConocoPhillips.

The program is growing in 2022, with delivery face-to-face or remotely via digital to ensure students across the country can learn more about the future-focussed, technologically advanced roles requiring Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths maestros.

ℹ Find out how you can get involved and join us in encouraging the next generation of STEM professionals by emailing