Inspiring the students of today to shine Bright tomorrow

Engaging primary school students in Years 5-6 in the wonders of STEM education and careers

About this program

The Bright Future STEM program showcases Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and the diversity of career opportunities within the resources and energy industry in these exciting fields.

With demand increasing for STEM skills in the future resources and energy workforce, but study in these areas declining, we work with students in Years 5-6 (particularly girls) to build the next generation of STEM professionals.

This unique program designed and delivered by Australian Resources and Energy Employer Association (AREEA), introduces students to STEM industry role models who highlight what they love most about their rewarding  STEM careers in the resources and energy industry and focuses on hands-on, interactive activities and experiences all relatable to the real world.

Bright Future STEM is aligned with the Australian National Curriculum and encourages problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, teamwork and fun!

Schools we work with

We have been hosted by Primary Schools all across Australia, we would love to work with you too!

  • We wholeheartedly recommend this outstanding incursion

    Our Stage 3 students had an incredible experience with the Bright Futures STEM Program. The hands-on tasks were not only highly engaging but also left our students wanting more. They appreciated learning about STEM careers and pathways directly from industry professionals currently working in the field. Having each industry expert lead the hands-on activities allowed our students to ask questions and gain valuable insights. We wholeheartedly recommend this outstanding incursion experience to other schools.

    Jason Horadam
    Assistant Principal | Dudley Public School
  • I loved how we were able to try new things

    11 Year old... I loved the activities that the engineers shared with us. My favourite is the snap circuit and the Gravitrax because my partner and I were able to work together to solve the activities. It was very exciting. Justin also shared with us some interesting knowledge about his work, explosives and the underground mines. I really appreciate him for making time to come see us!

    10 year old... I love how fun it was learning about rocks and explosives. The activities were great because allowed us to work in teams. I also loved how we were able to try new things. My favourite activity was ‘Snap Circuit’ because it required good teamwork and communication. Justin and his friends showed us how they planted explosives at the mine site and explained the process of it too.

    Head of Department... It was an excellent experience, with students demonstrating a high level of engagement. One teacher even expressed a newfound aspiration to become a geologist. I am unsure if the Bright Future Program will be able to return if we are going to start losing teachers 😅.

    Georgia Gray
    Head of Department - Curriculum | Inala State School
  • Intellectually stimulating and engaging

    Our Year Five and Six students thoroughly enjoyed the Bright Future S.T.E.M incursion. They found all the activities intellectually stimulating and engaging. A large majority of the students were reluctant to finish their session and begin eating their food before break time. Many educators will agree that primary school aged students not wanting to stop an activity to eat recess or lunch is about the highest form of praise that you can receive. Several students commented that they enjoyed learning about the different jobs that are available in the S.T.E.M industries and left their session feeling really excited about pursuing a possible career in S.T.E.M. Thank you so much for delivering such an engaging and educational incursion. We are excited about the possibility of holding this event again at SYPS in the coming years.

    Susan Mulcahy
    S.T.E.A.M Techer | South Yarra Primary School
  • Provided a platform for academic enrichment and camaraderie!

    We wanted to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation for the incredible STEM activities you facilitated for our Year 5/6 cohort recently. Your engaging and thoughtfully designed activities not only captivated our students' interest but also fostered a sense of collaboration and excitement within our school community. The hands-on approach and real-world applications of STEM concepts truly brought the subject matter to life for our students. It was inspiring to see how your activities challenged their critical thinking skills and encouraged them to explore new ideas with enthusiasm. The opportunity for our students to interact with peers from other small schools was invaluable. Your program not only provided a platform for academic enrichment but also strengthened the sense of camaraderie and mutual support among our students. Overall, your efforts have had a significant impact on our school community and we are incredibly grateful for the enriching experience you provided.

    Steven Grogan
    Principal | Yangan State School
  • We loved the local industry connections!

    From the teachers:
    We loved the local industry connections, demonstrating the different job opportunities anyone can take to become a STEM professional. The team were very organised, everything ran smoothly and the activities were awesome. We would definitely have the Bright Future STEM Program again. Thank you!

    From the kids:
    It was fun and technical. The professionals had great stories to tell about their jobs, very inspirational. The VR was awesome!

    Leanne Thomas
    Senior Leader Numeracy & STEM | Gulfview Heights Primary School
  • I highly recommend the Bright Future program!

    The session was organised very well and led by professionals who work in various industries that was of interest to the students. We loved hearing from the two local representatives about their jobs and how their interest in STEM shaped their employment post school. The rotations of activities were excellent at targeting a specific skill / area of STEM. All five were engaging experiences for the students to explore the STEM area of learning. Overall all of the students thoroughly enjoyed the visit. We highly recommend the Bright Futures program.

    Michael Hurst
    Principal | Boyne Island State School
  • Best excursion EVER!

    Thank you for organising the excursion yesterday. Staff and students were extremely impressed, with some students stating it was the best excursion EVER!

    Corrina Hartland
    Principal | Axedale Primary School
  • A fantastic initiative!

    Our students at Sutherland Dianella Primary School had an incredibly positive experience with the Bright Future STEM program. It offered a range of hands-on activities and engaging learning opportunities. Students were able to explore their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in a fun and dynamic way. One of the most valuable aspects of the program was the opportunity to interact with experts from the STEM community. These professionals brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to our school, inspiring our students and providing them with a glimpse into potential future careers. The Bright Future STEM program is an excellent way to promote interest in STEM subjects, encourage creativity and innovation, and help students build the skills they need for success in the 21st century.

    Blake Ingersole
    Principal | Sutherland Dianella Primary School
  • Fabulous educational program!

    Thank you for organising such an engaging program. Our students really enjoyed the hands-on activities and the presentation by Theiss employees. The teachers really enjoyed the activities as well. We look forward to future visits from the Bright Future STEM Program team. 

    Mai Quach
    Teacher | Durack State School
  • An incredible program!

    "Dear Bright Future STEM, I continue to receive such great feedback from teachers and students about your program. I think it is an incredible program you have and run so professionally."

    Shinara Auld
    Primary Learning Leader | St William's School, Grovely
  • Our students loved the program!

    "Hi Gail, our students loved attending the Bright Future STEM Program this morning.  Thank you so much for the opportunity and organisation." 

    Katherine Grant
    Principal | South Kalgoorlie Primary School
  • Held our students attention the whole time!

    "Your visit had only positive feedback, if anything, students and teachers would have liked longer with each activity. Your presentation was an excellent mix of different modes of learning and certainly the pace held our students attention for the whole time. One thing I specifically liked was that the language you used with students was appropriate - it contained specific technical terms that held interest but was also accessible. Your management of students was also outstanding."

    Mel Morris
    Principal | Bundadoon Public School
  • See you next year!

    "Thanks for visiting us again this year. Students had a great time and learnt a few new things as well. See you again next year!"

    Brett Murphy
    STEM Coodinator | Belgian Gardens State School
  • Thank you - a wonderful program!

    "Hi Bright Future STEM Team, the Principal and 3 teachers contacted me this afternoon about how wonderful the program was today. Thank you for the time and effort. It was very much appreciated."

    Sharon Wharton
    Learning Enhancement Teacher | St Kevin's Catholic Primary School, Geebung
  • The program was amazing!

    "Thank you so much for your efforts today. I apologise for not being able to be there but from what I have heard it was amazing! I have seen some photos and the students look like they had a fantastic time! Please also pass on a huge thank you from us at King Street PS to the team and all the role models that came out to give our students this amazing experience. I know they were very appreciative of the opportunity. I look forward to being able to organise another event with you in the future."

    Sasha Hutchinson
    Science Teacher | King Street Primary School, Singleton
  • A truly positive experience!

    "Our students had an absolute blast at the sessions you ran. The teachers have reported a number of students asked further questions in class which is just brilliant for them to follow up on your sessions! As a school, I believe we will be hoping we can book you to come back next year as it was such a positive experience for everyone."

    Christie Cremona
    Inclusion/STEM teacher | St Flannans Catholic Primary School, Zillmere
  • A wonderful opportunity!

    "Thank you for an engaging, informative and interactive experience. The Year 6 students and teachers were excited to be a part of the Bright Future STEM Workshop. Please notify us when you are returning to Townsville. We would love to be involved again. It was a wonderful opportunity to work with you. Please pass on our appreciation to your co-presenters."

    Tanya Murphy
    Assistant Head of Junior School | The Cathedral School, Townsville
  • Happy Students!

    "l would really like to thank you for today.  You made our students very happy and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as with the teachers who attended. I really appreciate you including our school in this wonderful opportunity."

    Chantel Canning
    Senior Teacher | Roseberry Primary School, NT
  • A great program!

    "We are keen to remain a part of this great program into the future and it will remain a priority in our timetable for the Year 5/6 Cohort."

    Elizabeth Rainie
    Head of Department - Curriculum | Townsville Central School
  • A real success!

    "It was really successful, the kids were talking about it later in the day and asking questions. It also really stuck with a few of the kids and has given them a ‘dream job’ as they were saying."

    Jennette Maxfield
    Principal | Leonora Primary School
  • Very engaging!

    "The feedback from teachers and students has been very positive! The students were very engaged in the hands-on activities, and teachers have commented on how smooth the transitions were from one activity to the next."

    Cathy Wolfenden
    Deputy Principal | Kelmscott Primary School
  • Thank you for sharing this program!

    "Dear Gail, thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity today for the students. The students and staff loved every moment of it and we are so thankful that you and the other members of AREEA were able to make the time to share the Bright Future STEM program with us. "

    Rachel Skellett
    Science Specialist | Hannans Primary School
  • An amazing day with the STEM team!

    Thank you for the amazing day with the STEM team. Our students were so engaged in each activity and they really enjoyed the challenges working in teams. The teachers all commented on the conversations generated between the groups as well as the variety of hands on learning that was presented.

    Liane Barden
    Stage 3 Teacher | Floraville Public School
  • Fabulous incursion opportunity!

    Thank you once again for the fabulous incursion opportunity our students participated in. We really appreciated the very efficient organisation of the event along with all the engaging activities and presentations.

    Morven MacGadie
    STEM Teacher | Geelong Lutheran College - St John's Newtown
  • Super keen to host you again!

    We loved our incursion and the students loved the STEM activities but they were also very engaged during the presentations from the role models. Make sure to let us know when you are visiting again as we would be super keen to host you again.

    Tania Kiddle
    Year 5-6 Teacher | Highton Primary School
  • The students have been raving about it!

    Thanks again for a wonderful incursion. The students have been raving about it. Please let me know the next time you are coming to Melbourne as we would be VERY keen to run it again. This incursion was FABULOUS! Students loved every activity presented to them and were engaged, learning and having fun the whole time.  I highly recommend this incursion for all schools wanting to point a spotlight on S.T.E.A.M.

    Yolanda Stephenson
    Grade 2 Teacher | Westgarth Primary School
  • A definite highlight of our term!

    What an incredible experience for both teachers and students. The hands-on and interactive tools were a great way for students to collaborate, reflect and problem-solve. The day generated quite a buzz amongst our students. The presentations from people working in the industry were a great opportunity for students to see the real-world connection between STEM in school and a potential, future career path. The presenters were so friendly, knowledgeable and did a great job engaging our students. Thanks again for such a wonderful day, a definite highlight of our term.

    Lauren McDonald
    Grade 5/6 Teacher | South Geelong Primary School
  • Everything ran so smoothly!

    Thanks again for the fantastic job bringing this wonderful experience to our children. Everything ran so smoothly and I can see how efficient you both are in managing resources and travel. The kids haven't stopped talking about it and we really appreciated the opportunity to participate.

    Brenda Cooper
    Head of Department - Curriculum | Emerald North State School
  • Enjoyed by all students!

    Thanks for a great day. The comments from the students afterwards were all really positive and every one of them enjoyed it. It was great to hear from the role models who did a fabulous job, please pass along our appreciation of their time and effort. We really appreciate the opportunity you provided and we were impressed with how well it was organised and run.

    Stephen Cadusch
    Year 4/5 Classroom Teacher | Pyalong Primary School
  • Made science week extra special!

    Thank you so much, Bright Future STEM Team. The students had a wonderful time learning and going through so many activities that they wouldn’t normally experience. Thank you again, it made Science Week extra special for our senior students.

    Janice Lenarduzzi
    Deputy Principal | West End State School
  • Our students took a lot away from it!

    Thank you for visiting Banksia Park Primary School. It was a well organised morning and our students took a lot away from it.

    Albert Cianfrini
    Principal | Banksia Park Primary School
  • The activities encouraged critical and creative thinking!

    All students were engaged and excited throughout the Bright Future STEM session, and the activities encouraged critical and creative thinking. The learning environment was stimulating and interactive, and as a teacher, I feel that this is essential for effective education. The STEM session has motivated me to introduce more STEM activities not only within my classroom but also throughout our school.

    Susan Bishop
    Lead Teacher (HALT) | Parap Primary School
  • Loved the energy!

    Thank you so much for your energy and efforts! Feedback from all has been excellent.

    Fiona Courtney
    Science Teacher | Anula Primary School
  • Thoroughly enjoyed by all!

    Thank you! The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed themselves and got a great deal out of the incursion.

    Megan Oliver
    Acting Deputy | Port Hedland Primary School
  • Thank you so much!

    I didn’t get a chance to say thank you after you finished up yesterday. So, thank you! The kids had an absolute blast.

    Blair Johns
    Deputy Principal | Baynton West Primary School
  • Our Year 5/6 students absolutely loved the visit!

    Our Year 5/6 students absolutely loved the visit from AREEA's Bright Future STEM program. The activities were all so engaging and hands on. Students used co-operative and problem solving skills to solve challenges while having so much fun! I will definitely purchase some of the games for our school and incorporate them into my teaching program. The presenters were so organised and flexible. The presentation made by the role model was a great addition to the program to show students a possible STEM career pathway. Thank you so much for coming to Tambrey Primary School.

    Kiara Sinclair
    Science Specialist | Tambrey Primary School
  • Incredibly engaging!

    The activities were fantastic and incredibly engaging. The students have been talking about them all day. Thank you again.

    Mark Harvey
    Digital Technologies Teacher | Craigmore South Primary School
  • Activities were age appropriate and accessible!

    Our students enjoyed attending the Bright Futures STEM Program. Students were thoroughly  engaged in the both the interactive activities and career presenters.  Activities were age appropriate and accessible for all students who loved the challenge of participating in hands on problem solving and critical thinking. The session also provided inspiration and promoted discussion among teachers on how we can further extend STEM learning at our school.   Management and set up of the session was excellent and the session ran smoothly. 

    Shannon Brookes
    Science and Environmental Sustainability Curriculum Leader | Alberton Primary School
  • Thanks again for organising such a worthwhile excursion!

    The students and teachers had the best day. They absolutely loved it. Thanks again for organising such a worthwhile excursion.

    Nicole Jones
    Principal | McAuley Catholic Primary School Rose Bay
  • So impressed with the whole experience!

    Thank you so much for including us in this initiative. The students and teachers came back so impressed with the whole experience. We feel extremely privileged that we were included.

    Rachel Baker
    Principal | St Aidan's Catholic Primary School Maroubra Junction
  • The team was super organised and efficient!

    Our students loved the experience you provided for them. They were able to engage with a variety of tasks and technologies that they normally wouldn't get an opportunity to work with. Your team was super organised and efficient when working with our students too. This helped the session run smoothly and for the students to enjoy themselves.  

    Bekk Resili
    Year 6 Teacher | Parafield Gardens Primary School
  • The kids are all raving about it!

    A massive THANK YOU for such an engaging and fun session. The kids are all raving about it (as are the teachers!).

    Angie Johnson
    Year 6 Teacher | Darling Heights State School