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Over the coming decades the resources and energy industry is forecasting growth in demand for a workforce skilled in areas related to STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).  

However, over recent years, the number of students, particularly girls, choosing to pursue these subjects has declined.

This presents a problem for our future workforce and industries alike.

Whilst many STEM programs exist in high schools and tertiary programs, research shows that we must engage children’s interests from an earlier age.

The Australian Resource and Energy Employer Association (AREEA) has devised and delivered the Bright Future STEM Program to support the industry in engaging primary school students in future career opportunities linked to studying STEM.

Industry role models, particularly females are a vital part of Bright Future STEM.  

We would love you to join us!

The program is a great way to showcase your organisation, connect with the local community and recruit for the future!

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